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目からうろこ 居酒屋 目からうろこ / ME KARA UROKO


Sunabe coast of Okinawa is famous diving and surfing spots in the world. In the evening of the weekend, locals and tourists gather to foreigners and breakwater, enjoy a moment of beautiful sunset as do not fall into the sea. "ME KARA UROKO" tavern is a small tavern in front of the sea that is loved by everyone such Sunabe. Prepare your sake we are beautiful landlady and cheerful staff offers a wide variety of creative cuisine and also boasts today, everyone welcomes you.


bar NextDoor Bar NEXT DOOR

Bar「NEXT DOOR」が位置するのは、お店の名前通り居酒屋「目からうろこ」のすぐおとなり。居酒屋とキッチンを共有しており、料理メニューもかなり充実。腰を落ち着かせた食事がバーカウンターで楽しめます。店内の壁は漆喰を使いながらもつくりは洋風。国内外国沖縄ならではの雰囲気が味わえます。フレンドリーなローカル御用達なので、観光旅行などで訪れた際は地元の人との交流にぜひ遊びにきてください。

It is located Bar "NEXT DOOR" is just next door "ME KARA UROKO" tavern as the name of the shop. The food menu has been enhanced considerably since they share the kitchen with bar and tavern. You can enjoy a meal at the bar counter was calm the waist. The western wall of the store is also made ​​while using the plaster. Unique atmosphere of Okinawa foreign country can be tasted. Because the purveyor of friendly local people, such as tourism in Okinawa when visiting, please come to play by all means to interact with local people.